A Small Taste from The First Book of LSE

L1 – Or Back Backstory

L1 one of The First Book of LSE This week, we learn a little more about the history of the band LSE (Low Self Esteem).

Some years ago, while I was in the IT world, I came across a couple of folks who weren’t there yet, but yet they had a feeling that one could feel.

When I started at a job as a TL, two of the folks there, brothers as you’d expect from this story, were a part of the team I picked up. I knew almost instantly that each of them was on the precipice of something spectacular but missing that one little thing.

During my initial onboarding, I got to meet with them individually. What a fantastic venture this was. I got to ask my standard questions, but it wasn’t until I asked this very one…

“What’s your hobby? What do you like to do in your free time?”

“Well, sir, I enjoy music. I play in a band with my brother…”

“Musician, that’s wonderful. I appreciate a talent like that. Any other hidden talents?” And I laughed like a supervillain…

“My friend, I love the arts. I am an aspiring writer. I wish to write about things which I find very interesting. I can only hope to encourage you to do the same.”

I saw the eyes light up. Both of each brother, when I told them that. And fuck, I meant it. I so wanted out of the tech world… A grossness that knew no bounds, a degeneration unfathomable, depravity knowing no limits. I’m pretty sure that’s spot on.

When I spoke with them individually, the brothers Marvalious and Arturius, I learned something about myself in the process. I could see that they wanted to be set free from this stupidity and wanted to become something more. Although, most all of us want that.

And yet, during the years that those brothers worked for me, I always encouraged them to keep pursuing their dreams, as I did the same.

Several years ago, before Jessica, I had gone to see a local band playing out, “On A Schooled Night,” and I ran into two of the guys that I would come to know in such a unique way.

We talked for a bit, and they told me they felt like they needed something more in order to get to that “there”. I took note of that. You don’t tell someone that if not for a reason.

A few days later, it hit me. Fuck! I knew these two dudes and these other two dudes.

No, I wasn’t worried about losing them. No, I was worried about the world missing out on them. Such musical talents, I tell ya.

More to be seen in the finalized book. 🙂