Tales From The Jessica Files – From Bad to Worser – Paperback

From Bad To Worser

Tales From The Jessica Files - From Bad To Worser
Editions:Paperback - First Edition: $ 15.99
ISBN: 979-8-9894680-3-4
Size: 5.50 x 8.50 in
Pages: 236

Before we begin on this journey, there is something that we here at Secret Freezer Publishing wish to share about the format and structure of these stories.

You see, we view “tales” as a story. The kind of story you’d tell a friend or loved one, sharing and possibly embellishing them.

Our story has no timeline; things do happen when they do happen, but this is not a straight line. You’ll just have to read all of it for the context, content, and story to come together, like a nice orange chicken sauce.

We also hope you can open your mind and read what is written, consume it for its majestic nature, and find the lost corundum… It’s out there, on the other side, waiting to be found.


“Jessica, I want to cook dinner for you one night this week. Would that sound good to you?”

“Yes, Sir, that would sound wonderful, Sir.”

“Jessica, what do you not eat so I can ensure it's not on the menu?”

Ass, Sir.”

I bust out laughing. Holy shit, that was hysterical.

I'm sorry, Sir, butt, that's a boundary for me.”

“Yes, Ma’am. Taking ass off the menu, what else would you not want me to cook?”

"Sir, I'd like to pass on anything seafood-related at this time. Anything beef, chicken, or pork would be perfect, Sir.”

“Are there any specific vegetables that you would like? More importantly, are there any vegetables you would prefer I didn't cook for you?”

“Sir, no asparagus, Brussels sprouts, or kale. Potatoes, broccoli, green beans,… I'm a basic gal when it comes to what I eat.”

This is book #3 (three) of the Tales From The Jessica Files series.

Punis Russi

Punis Russi is like an encyclopedia of information, with volumes of information and 20 years of writing experience. Punis specializes in fiction, romance, or both and writes strangely unique Romance > Dystopian content that underprivileged reindeer absolutely light upon reading. Punis is the author of the most excellent The Jessica Files series, which has received much acclaim.