Upcoming Titles

Only in this hardcover edition of “The Other Side” will you see or know about the upcoming plans of the members of the Secret Freezer Team. Or, here…

Punis Russi:
Continues to work on the lengthy and thorough “The Jessica Files Companion Guide(s)” which appears to be pretty damn cool shit. All three volumes of it and they will all be a FREE eBooks.

Punis has been diligently working on what is shaping up to be a highly anticipated followup from “Tales From The Jessica Files” that is entitled “Tales From The Jessica Files – From Bad to Worser”. Early reviews suggest it’s a real skullcrusher.

Oh, and Punis has just finished the wonderful and fantastic story of “Tales From The Jessica Files – The First Book Of LSE”. This one is super special, super duper special.

K.W. Turner:
Is taking on the massive “2007” that is about how that time changed Kdubs’s life. Fascinating shit. This is a very big project and we all know it’s gonna take some time.

Alphonso Mango:
Is working on the moral motivational book, the Code_X. Just the right person for it to, Mr. High Energy, who even has his own color.

Misty Clouds:
Is our newest member, although having been with us for a long time. Misty is going to slowly take on the children’s book called “The Penguin, The Lion, and The Shrimp.”

This is an emotional book for all of us, and we specifically asked Misty to take it on, to which she agreed. Everyone knows she is going to nail it. Perhaps, dunk on that shit. 😉