Who is Punis Russi?

Punis Russi is like an encyclopedia of information, with volumes of information and 20 years of writing experience. Punis specializes in fiction, romance, or both.

Punis Russi is known for writing strangely unique Romance > Dystopian content that underprivileged reindeer absolutely light up upon reading. It’s adorable.

Punis is the driving force behind writing the story of “The Penguin, The Lion, and The Shrimp”, demanding it is in every title released by Secret Freezer Publishing.

This is a pet project for him and he personally persuaded Misty Clouds to take on the project, knowing how well she knew them. (No, she’s not Jessica!!!)

Totally check out his ever so slightly more informative Amazon Author Central profile. It’s pretty much the same but a little different. Barely.

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