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After all, this is a love story

Tales from the Jessica Files Paperback – PINK
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ISBN: 979-8-9870842-3-6

This is a story of two humans who love one another like it's going out of style. They are each other's "The One." Simply stated, they love the hell out of one another. They are so incredibly in love that they were silly enough to go into a contract life with one another and the Department of Rules and Contracts, or DORCs for short.

Reviews:Keith on Amazon.com wrote:

This title was unexpectedly deep, incredibly heartfelt, and loving.

These two characters seemed to fit together perfectly. As I read it, I could feel just how deeply in love they are with one another. It really was a love story. A bit unusual and a little unique, but not for their world. Comfortably loving. It was a glimpse into a different world than mine.

I truly enjoyed it when I realized how The Other Side fell into place. That was cool for me. Like I was invested for some silly reason.

This title was unexpectedly deep, incredibly heartfelt, and loving. If you can't see the obviously intense emotional relationship here, then maybe you didn't read the same thing as I did. But having read The Other Side by K.W. Turner, so much of the dark sarcasm from the author made more sense to me.

Overall, this was fantabulous. I couldn't tell my friends which to read first as they are equally good and different. Like a yin/yang thing. They stand well separately and alone but complete one another. Interesting concept.

Charles on Amazon.com wrote:

My stars, what a story...

Who Knew...

I had no view of this side of relationships. I knew it existed but never guessed that tenderness and love could exist in Dom's and Sub's world. I learned that love has many sides and is expressed in every relationship.

The story is engaging from a personal point of view. It's as though I was in the room and experiencing the action as it occurred. The author put me into the conversations. I believed I was there.

The dialog kept me reading, and it kept me interested and wanting more.

I understand there is another work by this person; I'll be looking for more...

It's a great read.
Five Stars
Nice work!

This is book #1 (one) of the Tales From The Jessica Files series.

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