Tales From The Jessica Files – The FIRST Book of LSE

The FIRST Book of LSE

Tales From The Jessica Files - The First Book Of LSE
Editions:Paperback - First Edition: $ 5.99
ISBN: 9798989468003
Size: 5.25 x 8.50 in
Pages: 98

This is the story of the most regarded and influential rock band in the world, LSE (lowselfesteem), and their relationship and their importance to our most loving and wonderful couple, Punis and Jessica.

LSE holds a very, very special place in their hearts, and why wouldn't they? They knew one another, and it shows in the love they all have for one another.

We here at Secret Freezer Publishing can not underscore enough just how important the four most excellent members of the band are to us and their families.

Little did the world know just how important they would be and how the members of LSE would become a part of their own families.


LowSelfEsteem was about to officially blow up. They would blow up there in Fargo, North Dakota, where Franklin Yukon, their manager, had gone to college. He had gotten a master's in business management from Eastern-Fargo Business School. See L2, It's important to note for a reason.

"Gents, we are 30 seconds out," said Robert A. Smith as he turned to his bandmates and asked everybody to huddle at the drum kit.Once there, Robert noted, "This is our time, and we've got some folks in our family to do right by tonight. All of them. All.

And with that, they turned back their attention to their spots, and when the counter hit zero and the red light came on… this was their time.

Robert stood there and waited a few seconds before stating, "We are LSE, low self-esteem. And we are going to play tonight for you on pay-per-view a combination of our first and second albums plus a sneak peek at a brand-new song that nobody has heard yet, not even our Manager…


"Oh, there's one more thing about tonight… Swing the cameras around, please."

And as the cameras turn, they show a completely empty stadium, just like one of their absolute favorite bands, Greenland Floyd, had done at Krakatoa some years ago.

Then the camera swung back to Robert a Smith, and he stated outright.


As an aside, this is book FOUR in the Tales From The Jessica Files series.

Punis Russi

Punis Russi is like an encyclopedia of information, with volumes of information and 20 years of writing experience. Punis specializes in fiction, romance, or both and writes strangely unique Romance > Dystopian content that underprivileged reindeer absolutely light upon reading. Punis is the author of the most excellent The Jessica Files series, which has received much acclaim.