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This is an early draft copy of Chapter 2, P1 two Sleep of The Jessica Files by Punis Russi. Much like we are doing with The Other Side by K.W. Turner, we will be releasing a good amount of the chapters of this story over the coming weeks.

Please, enjoy.


Part two 2 of the Jessica Files. This week, we get caught up with Sir and Ma’am and see what chicanery they get themselves into, and how things get solved.

Another Tuesday, another day here at home alone with the boys (cats) while I work the day away. Typically those are ten to twelve hours every day, but I’m at work before 6 AM local.

And in all of this time, in candid moments or in those free pass situations, Jessica had never complained or led me to believe the extra time one bed was an issue. I think I know why.

Yes, I have covered this in another post, I have knee problems, and sleep for me is often difficult. I may be something else in bed, but sleeping because of my knees isn’t it.

I have long suspected, but I never bothered to ask Jessica about the three or four hours in the morning that she gets to have the bed to herself.

Is it the snoring? The shuddering of my body in pain? Was it the trips to the shower and back? Yeah, I’d rather not fucking know than poke at that shit.

Just saying, if you regularly slept with another person for whom you were sleeping incompatible (ish) for years on end, how about them a couple of hours in the morning, am I right?

I’m just saying, I feel like Jessica needs those extra couple of hours without me shitting in her cheerios all night whenever possible.

Not because she needs more sleep, she just needs better sleep. This leads to an interesting topic.

Jessica and I were talking one night as I tossed and turned from the pain, she put her hand on my shoulder to help steady me more.

She slid in next to me, and sweetly whispered to me “I’m going to sleep in the guest room tonight. If I don’t, I will murder your knees. And then where would we be?”

She was adorable. I loved that about her. She always was finding new ways to make me fall in love with her over and over. It was enrichening my soul.

But notice, it was Jessica who went to the guest room and not myself, he who is the problem. And there is perfectly cromulent reasoning to it. Really.

It was in the contract. Yup, we negotiated some lines in the contract a few years back. Per the new contract, we got a really, really nice bed for the guest room.

She got to choose the bed, the size, the style, the sheets, everything!. She knew she was to be the only one to sleep on it, aside from visitors.

I was not to sully her bed, and I initialed on that line without blinking. It was almost as important to me that she was sleeping better as me sleeping not in pain.

It’s funny what kind of love and happiness can flourish between two people who were under a contract. It’s liberating. Maybe.

Lights out laying naked together, the air temp perfect. I’ve been there before.

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