The Other Side by K.W. Turner – Paperback BLUE

49 minutes

The Other Side by K.W. Turner - Paperback BLUE
Editions:Paperback: $ 11.11
ISBN: 979-8-9870842-0-5
Size: 5.50 x 8.25 in
Pages: 156

There are times when 49 minutes can feel like an eternity leaving you beaten down as a human. You're somewhere, or perhaps at some different time that you don't belong. You've become trapped on The Other Side of the reality that you're supposed to be in; subsequently, your existence is constantly being beaten down and punished. And when the darkness has all but engulfed you, one bit of light can pull you back from The Other Side.

Reviews:Keith on wrote:

An intriguing look into mental health and how easily or quickly things can fall apart.

I wasn't sure what to expect going into this, but the cover looked cool, and the description was intriguing. For the price, I've spent more on worse. I found the lead character is very relatable, sometimes a little too much. They really emote their desperation, how depression was pulling them down, and the suicidal nature of those feelings.

The lead seemed to call out for help, but no one was there. And that was a reoccurring theme. They felt lost or trapped. A lot of the nuances of the writing drew me in, such as the narration (POV )style. The problem with Fiction/Drama is that the story is being told to you, and you have to emote. I felt like I knew this story, either myself or a friend, which made it really-really at times. It also made it sadder, empathetically speaking.

I could totally relate to the character, and while it was slightly annoying that you don't find out the character's name until late in the novel (no spoilers), it worked for the book.

Charles on wrote:

Who Knew

Eyes Open Wide
What a terrific story - attractive conversational style and excellent dialog - terrific method for conveying the point. I never knew there was this side of life or that it could thrive under my nose.

This boot was a pleasant departure from the pabulum dripping from bookshelves everywhere. It's insightful and tender without being sappy - open and honest - nicely written and engaging.

My wife and I both enjoyed this book immensely.

Excellent Work - Kudos to the author...

This is book #2 (two) of the Tales From The Jessica Files series.