DRAFT – Chapter 0 – Lost – The Other Side |2022

This is a draft copy of Lost, Chapter 0 of The Other Side by K.W. Turner, unedited. We will be releasing a good amount of the chapters of this story over the coming week to ten days.



These posts are a story from a friend whom I hadn’t spoken to. I believe that they were lost in their mind, struggling.

Most importantly, you are genuinely interested in hearing what your friend has to say, fascinated with the intricate nature of their thoughts and feelings, and unable to turn away as if watching a garbage truck on fire.

The question is this: How easy it could be to descend into hell if you don’t have integrity or honor, lacking in compassion or morality are completely lost in your mind—completely lost in life.

Most days, I question whether I could slip up and slide down that slippery slope. What happens if I lose my integrity? What happens if I stop caring and allow apathy to take over? Who am I? What happens?

The starting point of this story is to notate and extrapolate, “Hey, this isn’t an action movie script. This is not a fun-filled up and down action thriller”.

And no, not talking about Thriller either. Talk about getting lost in your mind, great video.

No, this is all about me and how easy it would be for me to descend into my own personal hell. To be that which I do not want to be. To become something so awful that it gives me nightmares.

Personal note -> Throughout these posts, we will learn how that could happen to me, how I could have lost it all, and how it could’ve quickly happened to me. And that’s why I am writing this. Lost in my mind.

The Alphonso Mango
The ‘Alphonso’ mango is a named mango cultivar that originated in India. Favored for its sweetness, richness and flavor, the Alphonso has been called the king of mangoes